Hiking and activities

HIKING, In our coastal region, we have two hiking trails that are first-rate in terms of the historical route, ethnography and natural charm.

The first is the “Lea Ibilbidea“, 23 kilometres of prepared trail that runs alongside the river forming part of the GR 38 (GR is a long-distance footpath network in Europe) “Wine and Fish Route”. This is a can’t-miss hike, great for enjoying its sleeping treasures that, in the form of hydraulic engineering, tell us about the splendour of the sixteenth and eighteenth centuries of the world of the iron industry.

The second and more universal trail is the ” Camino de Santiago “ (Way of Saint James) in the North. From the Zenarruza collegiate church towards Urdaibai, it crosses our territory through the medieval village of Gerrikaitz .

Other PR routes (PR routes are short-distance footpaths) with beautiful landscapes, characteristic of small valleys in the Bay of Biscay , complete the network of trails.

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Lea ibilbidea

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