Hotel and environment

19th Century House

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This villa, now a small renovated hotel, contains in its architecture and its rural setting a very unique period and atmosphere representative of Basque historical, social and cultural “becoming”.


This is the first neo-Basque villa, built in the late nineteenth century during the full vivacity of European regionalism with Romantic roots and an unquestionable response to the great crisis with identity overtones caused by the autonomous abolition 1876.

It was built in 1883 by geologist Ramón María Adán de Yarza and conceived as a summer house. Those were the times when British tourism along the southern coasts of France was born (for us Basques, this took place in Iparralde, as it is considered northern Basque Country). This was the time of therapeutic sea- and sun- bathing, of spas … and of course the atmosphere of the bourgeoisie, of industrialization.


Obviously the hotel requires a different type of comfort than what was conceived of in the nineteenth century. However, we wanted to keep the large, bright, open-plan spaces that inspired its original layout.



From your room, you can gaze at the Karraspio beach with the stirring and impressive Bay of Biscay in the background.


Or the medieval town of Lekeitio, or the beautiful Baroque palace “Zubieta” to the south, located on the estuary near the old tide mill… All this, only a five-minute walk away.

To its West, Urdaibai runs alongside it. Urdaibai, the only Biosphere Reserve in Basque territory, has spectacular scenery and offers opportunities for ornithologists and nature lovers. It also offers many sport activities.

Continuing West, in less than an hour’s drive we come to Bilbao. The same distance to the east is Donostia/ San Sebastian, where you should spend an entire day just enjoying the gastronomy, with internationally renowned pintxos (Basque tapas). For a cultural cherry on top, visit Chillida Leku or take a simple stroll through the Bella Easo.

You can visit the proposals section to see some plans that we propose while you are staying at the hotel.